Hello again!

Hello again!

We are getting used to wearing our masks and face shields and it's good to be back doing what we love. We are so happy we get to meet you again to catch up, to hear what you have been doing, and for those who are scheduled to come in soon, we can't wait to see you! 

Street Update on Auckland City Rail Link Construction work at Beresford Square and Pitt Street

City Rail Link (CRL) works have resumed at a cracking pace around Beresford Square and Pitt Street. As a result, we have lost most of the car parks on roadside for the time being. This phase of the CRL work is already in its final months, then the Beresford Square Station works will begin. If you drive to Vada, we suggest to park at the Wilson Car Park on Mercury Lane or on Greys Avenue

Auckland Water Restrictions

Auckland Water restrictions are now in place and we, at Vada, are doing our bits to help out. We won't be having our taps running unless we are rinsing hair or cleaning. Our washing will only be put on when we have full loads. We are only keeping the ferns in the salon, the other plants will be looked after off site.

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